Our area of expertise is ROI driven video production with the goal of growing your business and engaging your audience. We use videos to build an incredibly personable brand that help you gain an unprecedented advantage over your competition.

Below is a decription of our services.


Pre-production is when we go through the process of planning, scheduling and logistics for the production process. This is where we arrange locations, talents and create a production plan, shot list and storyboards each of your videos.

live production.

live roduction is when we start filming your videos, this is when the cameras start rolling and all the pre-production and research culminates into this one phase. This is a proces sof filming actual actors and objects on sets, locations, or green-screen stage. We shoot, produce, and direct beautiful videos for you rbusiness with our partner company Dark Matter

motion graphics.

from intro and end cards through to customised motion graphics to meet your needs. Motion graphics are an excellent way to convey complex ideas in a fun and entertaining way. We work with Dark Matter to create captivating motion graphics for your business.


Post production is when we build each video from the footage captured earlier. We create motion graphics, record voice-overs, add your branding and go through a series of revisions to ensure that the messaging and aesthetics of your video fits with your brand.